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Pronunciation /eɪkeɪˈeɪ/

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(also a.k.a.)
  • Also known as.

    ‘John Merrick, aka the Elephant Man’
    • ‘Every month Jonson aka Thornton goes out of his way to prove the truth of that, by demanding the RBA raise rates.’
    • ‘And as for the female protege, well she's Ms Tomi Rae, aka the current Mrs James Brown.’
    • ‘In other news I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the Kerry aka K-Mac maiden voyage post.’
    • ‘Jack, aka Green Fairy, dealt with the problem of not having enough unity of mind to write, in a manner most amusing.’
    • ‘Helping real writing talent to emerge: Willy Russell and Tim Firth, aka the Singing Playwrights.’
    • ‘Who would have imagined that Ted White would lose in North Vancouver, aka The Land That Time Forgot?’
    • ‘The camp was organized by St Lucia's number one basketball enthusiast Morgan George aka Mr Magic.’
    • ‘She might get paid for it, but this is not work for the sultry Jesse Randhawa aka Jasmeet Kaur.’
    • ‘Their vibrant music as well as the antics of front man Paul Kehoe, aka Scamall, guaranteed you a great night out.’
    • ‘We were soon to meet Gerard Starkey, aka Ged, a man who, like Alex Stein in London, would provide me with an exotic tour of his city.’
    • ‘Mr Hatch, aka Fatman, has proven that he can at least get the mechanics of fathering right, if not the details.’
    • ‘Shannon and her doll Felicity, aka Heather, are both dressed in paisley-print glitter dresses and boots.’
    • ‘Bartlet, aka Jack, is delighted by the whole McKie scandal, because everyone is getting it in the neck apart from him.’
    • ‘The telephone company gave me one of the best explanations for how these rogue diallers - aka Trojan diallers - work.’
    • ‘But how can I not watch it, when a true legend is involved - Mr John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten.’
    • ‘Football, on the other hand, aka handball or American football, I just don't get!’
    • ‘If you've got a minute, you can light a candle for Fred Warren, aka Nice Fred.’
    • ‘Next day I arrived at the Capital with the Princess, aka Paola Lombard.’
    • ‘Daniel, aka Oscar, was a fun loving person, who never took life too seriously.’
    • ‘Brian, aka Danger Mouse, showed up and was very surprised to see me behind the decks.’
    also known as, aka, also called, otherwise known as, otherwise