Meaning of akashic in English:



See akasha

‘We are beings with free will, many layers of bodies (physical, emotional, astral, etc.), and richly shared memories (collective unconscious, genetic, tribal, akashic or past life memories to name a few).’
  • ‘Intuition, according to this model would then be a * creative answer *, a product of creative energy-transmutation and not the ‘grabbing’ of a solution that is floating out there in the akashic arcade!’
  • ‘There does seem to be a general belief in western occultism that such is the case (reinforced by ‘explanations’ concerning akashic records, collective unconsciousness, etc.).’
  • ‘His followers maintain that Cayce was able to tap into some sort of higher consciousness, such as God or the akashic record, to get his ‘psychic knowledge.’’
  • ‘Crystals, which have a triangle shape on them, are the ones which can help you gain access to the akashic records by rubbing the stone with your thumb towards the point.’
  • ‘But whatever karmic credit you've amassed in the akashic bank account pays dividends this week and friends stand you in good stead.’