Meaning of Akela in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈkeɪlə/


  • The adult leader of a group of Cub Scouts (officially termed Cub Scout Leader).

    • ‘I joined with my mate Glynne Stentiford following a talk to our primary school by our local Akela, Mrs Cleall.’
    • ‘I hear O'Leary's up for Taylor's job, but then if there was a part-time vacancy for an Akela at a scout hut, O'Leary would be up for it.’
    • ‘Phyll Brooke attended and was Assistant Cub Scout Leader from the early 1950s and then Akela until 1982.’
    • ‘His wife, Sharelle, worked as secretary to one of the auctioneers at Woolley & Wallis and was Akela of the Amesbury Cubs, a role in which she proved very popular.’
    • ‘She said: ‘My sons went there and I helped out to start with but when the group was threatened with closure I was talked into taking over as Akela.’’
    • ‘Cubs' Camp - ‘It was only years later when they find the shallow grave containing Akela's body that the sordid truth came out’’


1920s from the name of the leader of a wolf pack in Kipling's Jungle Books (1894–5).