Meaning of Aksumite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːksəmʌɪt/


(also Axumite)
  • Relating to or characteristic of the Ethiopian city of Aksum or its inhabitants.

    ‘contemporary Aksumite buildings’
    • ‘The church has crisp horizontal banding and window details in typically Aksumite style.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, little is known about the stelae - how or why they were constructed, the rituals associated with them, how they relate to the adjacent tombs, or Aksumite life in general.’
    • ‘Clay representations of animals and human heads have been discovered by archaeologists working on the Aksumite and pre-Aksumite civilizations of northern Ethiopia.’
    • ‘It seems more likely that the foundation for the legend lies in the prosperous Axumite empire in the north of present-day Ethiopia.’
    • ‘The great Axumite civilization rose in the northern province of Tigray, from 500 BC to 1100 AD.’


(also Axumite)
  • A native or inhabitant of the Ethiopian city of Aksum.

    ‘the case has been made that the anonymous king was not an Aksumite’
    • ‘It is not known how the Aksumites erected the stones.’
    • ‘The Axumites dominated the Red Sea trade by the third century.’
    • ‘The Axumites and the Romans became economic partners who controlled the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea trades, respectively.’
    • ‘The case has occasionally been made that the anonymous king who erected Monumentum Adulitanum II was not an Aksumite.’
    • ‘Claudius Ptolemy was the first to mention the Aksumites as one of the peoples of Ethiopia.’