Meaning of al desko in English:

al desko

Pronunciation /al ˈdɛskəʊ/


  • (with reference to the consumption of food) while working at one's desk in an office.

    ‘limp sandwiches eaten al desko’
    • ‘Lunches usually consist of cold sandwiches consumed al desko.’
    • ‘Dining "al desko" most often involves grabbing a freshly made sandwich and some carrot and celery sticks for less than $4.’
    • ‘Lunchtimes are not that busy for restaurants now that most workers prefer instead to eat "al-desko".’
    • ‘Lunching al desko rather than on the Croisette this week?’
    • ‘After an "al desko" lunch, I talk to Gideon about an event we're planning.’
    • ‘It's been a long workday, filled with meetings, and you even ate your lunch al desko.’
    • ‘Workers are skipping the midday meal in growing numbers and opting to eat "al desko" and catch up on personal admin instead.’
    • ‘Boredom was the most common excuse for "al desko" snacking.’
    • ‘As well as tried-and-tested 'al desko' staples such as BLT and chicken, there are such temptations as roast beef, caramelised onion and horseradish cream.’


  • Eaten while working at one's desk in an office.

    • ‘an al desko lunch’


1980s on the pattern of al fresco.