Meaning of Aladdin's cave in English:

Aladdin's cave

Pronunciation /əˌladɪnz ˈkeɪv/


  • A place filled with a great number and variety of strange or precious items.

    ‘the market is an Aladdin's cave of goodies’
    • ‘To us, they were like Aladdin's caves, spooky places filled with treasures.’
    • ‘The store was an Aladdin's cave, filled with boxes of buttons, and bolts of cloth, and reels of thread in every conceivable colour and shade.’
    • ‘It's an Aladdin's cave of international beer, boasting around 60 bottled and draught ales originating from Cyprus to Singapore and all points in between.’
    • ‘Inside is an Aladdin's cave of priceless ancient treasures, known to only a handful of staff and a string of enthusiasts, who travel to Bolton from all over the globe to marvel at their beauty.’
    • ‘It was an activist's [activists] Aladdin's cave; there were posters, leaflets, poster paints, horns, whistle and a loud speaker the size of a television in it.’
    • ‘Visiting Ben's apartment for the first time, Lindsey is confronted with an Aladdin's cave of Red Sox towels, mugs, bed sheets and boxer shorts.’
    • ‘The net was an Aladdin's cave, hard work to use without my sight, but it kept me occupied.’
    • ‘Mr Charnley describes the Scrapstore as an Aladdin's cave.’
    • ‘It was a truly fascinating place with boxes up to the ceiling, containing all kinds of fascinating things, a veritable Aladdin's cave.’
    • ‘The shop soon became an Aladdin's cave of sports equipment.’
    • ‘Next the hardware store behind the clock-tower, a veritable Aladdin's cave, always very helpful and obliging.’
    • ‘He expects to see an Aladdin's cave of jewels; instead, as he adjusts to the light, he notices a foot poking from a rug.’
    • ‘A police gym has been turned into an Aladdin's cave of valuable stolen antiques.’
    • ‘Garden centres are like an Aladdin's cave to me so I also spotted a few other goodies that I'd like to pick up too.’
    • ‘She's entranced with all the toys in the shop; it must have been like an Aladdin's cave to her.’
    • ‘The purpose-built centre, located at Kilkenny Road, Carlow is designed with children in mind proving a real Aladdin's cave of activity for the youngsters who attend.’
    • ‘I felt truly lucky to have found my own Aladdin's cave out there.’
    • ‘Scarlet and sapphire, emerald and gold, glowing like an Aladdin's cave.’
    • ‘So, Pat Cox will have an Aladdin's cave of splendours from which to choose.’
    • ‘It is hard to believe that such an Aladdin's cave of tastes sits almost unnoticed on the shores of Clew Bay.’