Meaning of alap in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈlɑːp/


(also alaap)
  • (in Indian music) the improvised section of a raga, forming a prologue to the formal expression.

    ‘Like in other Indian classical forms, the alaap is the entry point to the raga.’
    • ‘During the alap (slow introductory movement) of ‘Shuddha Sarang,’ she displays a delightfully elaborate style, filled with entrancing slides and whining drones.’
    • ‘This gliding technique allows him to play alap, the slow improvised invocation of a raga.’
    • ‘First, they outlined the raga in alap and they followed it up with compositions.’
    • ‘After watching the recital, marked by an austere alaap and complex rhythmic patterns, students asked several questions.’


From Hindi alāp.