Meaning of alarum in English:


Pronunciation /əˈlɑːrəm/

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archaic term for alarm
‘The chorus is so desperate and unhinged it should replace its namesake across the country; a frightened alarum to all that there's trouble around and it's far closer than you think.’
  • ‘Down underneath New York City, in a network of tunnels and caverns, rat-populated, perspiring, rumbling, lonely, I was troubled, as I have often been troubled, by these alarums of conscience.’
  • ‘‘I'm not as disturbed by the present alarums as some people,’ he says, recalling that his predecessor, Richard Lambert, took over on January 1 1991.’
  • ‘The central officials of the Allawi government were secular ex-Baathists, many of whom sounded alarums about Iran.’
  • ‘Echoes of past alarums and discussions in the Culture Wars sphere of influence.’


    alarums and excursions
    • Confused activity and uproar.

      ‘Hobsbawm laments: ‘Alas, (the pamphlet) has been lost in the alarums and excursions of the century.’’
      • ‘The Palghat pass, 32 km broad, has played a bigger role in the alarums and excursions of history.’
      • ‘The story quickly died, drowned out by fresher alarums and excursions in Europe and elsewhere.’
      • ‘CHICAGO - Here are the latest alarums and excursions relevant to Midwest technology entrepreneurs.’