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archaic, humorous
  • Used to express grief, pity, or concern.

    ‘alas, my funds have some limitations’
    • ‘I caught my arms around a low wall that separated the two sections of the path, but alas!’
    • ‘We looked in vain expecting the area to miraculously improve but alas, no such luck.’
    • ‘Shopping, alas, is likely always to lag behind the entertainment industry.’
    • ‘She became the most passionate wife that a man could hope that she might be, but alas.’
    • ‘Oh my god, I nearly pushed her out of the way to get at him, but alas, he only had eyes for her.’
    unluckily, sadly, regrettably, unhappily, woefully, lamentably, alas, sad to say, sad to relate



/əˈlas/ /əˈlɑːs/


Middle English from Old French a las, a lasse, from a ‘ah’ + las(se) (from Latin lassus ‘weary’).