Meaning of albescent in English:


Pronunciation /alˈbɛsnt/


  • Growing or shading into white.

    ‘albescent mist’
    • ‘‘Lutescent ‘leaves will change from green to yellow, and ‘albescent‘leaves will turn from yellow to white.’’
    • ‘When this white albescent strip is missing on either a brown or blue then it is a Smoky.’
    • ‘Saturday's rain sluiced away the week's snowfall, which the balance of an albescent Sunday replaced.’
    • ‘Ricky's grin of recognition revealed a healthy complement of gleaming white dentition, all the more albescent in contrast to his swarthy visage.’
    • ‘Interestingly, another member of the H. ventricosa family, H. ventricosa ` Aureomarginata ’, has an edge that is albescent.’


Early 18th century from Latin albescere ‘become white’, from albus ‘white’.