Meaning of Albigensian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌalbɪˈdʒɛnsɪən/

adjective & noun

See Albigenses

‘Fontan argued that the Occitans were an ethnic group that had suffered genocide at the time of the Albigensian crusades.’
  • ‘A number of historians, notably Sir Steven Runciman, have seen links between gnosticism, the Albigensian beliefs and the Templars.’
  • ‘When the Albigensian heresy was abroad in medieval France and Italy there was an actual theological difference based on rebellion against or acceptance of the material world.’
  • ‘This poetic flowering came to an end with the decline, after the Albigensian crusade, of the aristocratic society which had produced it.’
  • ‘In 1209 every last inhabitant of the town was mercilessly hunted down and slain by the Albigensian crusaders.’