Meaning of alburnum in English:


Pronunciation /alˈbəːnəm/


another term for sapwood
‘The annual rings are thinner compared to the alburnum.’
  • ‘It often happens after the circle of bark has been removed, a small portion of the inner bark adheres to the alburnum.’
  • ‘The wood, used for medicinal purposes, consists of turnings from the workshop of the turner, and is a uniform mixture of the alburnum and duramen, but that used in medicine should consist only of the latter.’
  • ‘In some trees a difference in color exists between the outer part of the wood, the sapwood or alburnum, and the inner part, the heartwood or duramen.’
  • ‘When dried in open air, alburnum and duramen turn reddish brown.’


Mid 17th century from Latin, from albus ‘white’.