Meaning of Alcheringa in English:


Pronunciation /ˌaltʃəˈrɪŋɡə/


(also Alchera)
  • (in the mythology of some Australian Aboriginal peoples) the ‘golden age’ when the first ancestors were created.

    Also called Dreamtime

    ‘'Alcheringa' is an aboriginal word meaning "of the past", and the aim of this series was to show how Aborigines lived their traditional lifestyle.’
    • ‘Alcheringa is a word borrowed from the Aranda Aboriginal people of Central Australia. It means Place of Dreaming.’
    • ‘Alternative names for Aktjira in other Australian languages include Alchera (Arrernte), Alcheringa, Mura-mura (Dieri), and Tjukurpa (Pitjantjatjara).’


Late 19th century from Arrernte aljerre-nge ‘in the Dreamtime’.