Meaning of Alclad in English:


Pronunciation /ˈalklad/


mass noun Trademark
  • A composite material consisting of sheets of aluminium alloy coated with pure aluminium or a different alloy to increase corrosion resistance.

    ‘The Curtiss P - 36A was to be built entirely out of metal with a cantilever multi-Spar wing that was skinned with 24ST Alclad.’
    • ‘There have been some reports of Alclad taking a few days to dry when sprayed over their gloss black base.’
    • ‘Below, you'll also find images of some models finished in Alclad, and the results are quite stunning!’
    • ‘It has a chrome look that is far superior to Alclad, but not quite as good as MirraChrome.’
    • ‘You just can't beat the solvent action of the Alclad welding itself to the lacquer primer, which in turn, has welded itself to the bare plastic.’


1920s from al(uminium)+ clad.