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  • 1(of a drink) not containing alcohol.

    ‘alcohol-free lager’
    • ‘Try alcohol-free beers, wines, and mixed drinks as a substitute.’
    • ‘Alas, this tasting shows that many brewers have not improved the drinkability of their alcohol-free beers and lagers since their introduction.’
    • ‘Consider also that alcohol-free beverages and drinks are loaded with profit.’
    • ‘I have been known to drink alcohol-free beer, though, and I could almost see the point of alcohol-free wine if only the alcohol didn't make such a difference to the body and taste.’
    • ‘Two new gourmet burgers were introduced, three new alcohol-free beverages and two beverage alcohol cocktails.’
    • ‘Sip from frothy coffee ice cream smoothies or alcohol-free cocktails and indulge in the salon atmosphere.’
    • ‘Off I went, in search of the needle that is an alcohol-free beverage in Glasgow's haystack.’
    • ‘Drink at least 1.5 litres (6 cups or glasses) of liquid per day, preferably unsweetened and alcohol-free beverages.’
    • ‘One unfortunate fan swore he was drunk after drinking five pints within the stadium - only later discovering it was alcohol-free beer on sale.’
    • ‘I agree with this - competition-free sport is as useful as alcohol-free beer.’
    • ‘It is critically important to market to this growing segment of the population with a diverse and dynamic selection of alcohol-free beverages.’
    • ‘And who could ever have though that someone would actually take the step of brewing alcohol-free beer?’
    • ‘I seek leave to table one example I found in Amsterdam, which is alcohol-free beer.’
    • ‘A grown-up juice to serve at elegant lunches and brunches, or as an alcohol-free beverage on spirited occasions.’
    • ‘It's like alcohol-free lager or decaffeinated coffee.’
    • ‘Effects are more or less the same whether light, regular or alcohol-free beer is consumed.’
    • ‘Let me make it plain from my position of considerable authority and experience of the subject of being drunk, there is no point to drinking alcohol-free anything.’
    • ‘Then he downs a whole pint of beer - alcohol-free, one must add, otherwise the very valid question would arise how precisely he manages to negotiate his arias with so much beer inside.’
    • ‘Sexual abstinence is as likely to take off as the chocolate radiator or the alcohol-free martini - be it in Africa, America or Britain.’
    • ‘Recently she flew to Sweden to promote alcohol-free Sekt - Germany's version of champagne. ‘I had to sit in a whirlpool wearing a little bikini,’ she says, with a shy smile.’
    1. 1.1Not serving, consuming, or involving alcoholic drinks.
      ‘the hotel has an alcohol-free bar’
      • ‘Blundell Park's six bars will be an alcohol-free zone after the Mariners forgot to re-apply for their drinks licence in time.’
      • ‘Those who defy the ban and continue to drink in alcohol-free areas face arrest and fines of up to £500.’
      • ‘The town centre is an alcohol-free zone, but this doesn't put them off.’
      • ‘Plans to turn a town centre into an alcohol-free zone have taken a giant step forward.’
      • ‘Hey Lewis, you seem to be forgetting that the Nelson residence is an alcohol-free area.’
      • ‘These 30-second spots were so beguiling that it's easy to imagine that alcohol-free Riyadh will soon rival Disney World as a family-friendly vacation paradise.’
      • ‘He still holds the post 13 years later, handling such duties as facilitating meetings and helping oversee the budget of the alcohol-free, all-ages performance space.’
      • ‘The Western People has also learned that Ballina Gardaí closed down a teenage alcohol-free disco in the town on the same night.’
      • ‘Because of the double cohort, many universities are evaluating their current alcohol policies and considering going alcohol-free.’
      • ‘Those who fail the tests or refuse to be breathalysed outside alcohol-free discos will not be allowed in.’
      • ‘Teenage alcohol-free discos will be held if there is enough parental support for supervision.’
      • ‘McKenzie insisted the Compassion Club would remain alcohol-free.’
      • ‘First, that having an alcohol-free campus is an awful idea.’
      • ‘City hall is reviewing business licences for Friedmann's clubs The Rev, Lush and Therapy, an alcohol-free after-hours club.’
      • ‘So being in an alcohol-free bookmaker's shop in Scotland, with greyhound racing on the telly, was as alien to the French party as is the interior of a louche nightclub in the Pigalle of Paris to me.’
      • ‘Deputy Breeda Moynihan - Cronin said the government needs to be clear in its stance in relation to the law governing events such as alcohol-free discos held in pubs and nightclubs.’
      • ‘They raised the [th] money through different methods which included a kiddies disco, making St. Brigids crosses, alcohol-free discos and a sponsored swim on New Year's Day in the local outdoor pool.’
      • ‘A wide screen television in the café / sitting room style area means that young people can meet at the CRIB to watch major sporting events and also hold video nights in a safe, alcohol-free alternative to the local pubs.’
      • ‘Opening night, Friday, July 13, will feature two floors of Calgary's finest DJs, including Delerious and Phunk on one floor, and Testa and SOB in the basement of this alcohol-free venue.’
      • ‘Although the university has not made a final decision regarding the alcohol ban, the mere mention of alcohol-free residences is already stirring up controversy.’