Meaning of alcopop in English:


Pronunciation /ˈalkə(ʊ)pɒp/

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informal British
  • A ready-mixed drink that resembles a soft drink but contains alcohol.

    • ‘By contrast, the traditionally more popular blended whiskies are barely holding on against vodka, rum and alcopops.’
    • ‘The 16-stone defendant had drunk several pints of beer, alcopops and a quadruple vodka.’
    • ‘It is time for women to leave behind lager and alcopops to quaff real ale, according to the first female head of the Campaign for Real Ale.’
    • ‘But their celebrations hadn't long started, when police, tipped off by school staff, raided the party and seized lager, beer, vodka and alcopops.’
    • ‘In December, 18 out of 22 premises sold beer, strong cider, lager and alcopops to two 15-year-old boys.’
    • ‘PC Alison Westmorland works with young people around South Lakeland: ‘It used to be cider and shandy, now it's alcopops and vodka.’’
    • ‘Defence barrister David Taylor said he did it because he had drunk ten to 12 pints, and several alcopops with vodka.’
    • ‘Sergeant Jim Nicholls, who is in charge of the team, said his officers seized 35 cans of lager, as well as bottles of beer, cider and alcopops.’
    • ‘Mr Melia had three pints of lager, a bottle of alcopops and a double brandy and coke on a night out with friends before getting behind the wheel.’
    • ‘Philip Sutcliffe, from Appleby Road in Kendal, has to endure the tempting smell of the beer that slowly drains past his feet as the bottles of lager, pils and alcopops fill up around him.’
    • ‘The court heard the teenagers and Huffey got involved in a drinking competition and drank a pint of wine each on top of more alcopops they had been drinking earlier.’
    • ‘He recently called on all pubs to withdraw alcopops as ‘alcohol consumption is a very serious problem in Ireland and needs to be addressed’.’
    • ‘It was accepted he had drunk five or six pints of lager and two alcopops.’
    • ‘One recent survey found that 59% of 15-year-olds drink alcopops.’
    • ‘The drinks industry is now facing demands that it puts a warning label on bottled drinks, particularly alcopops, advising women of the link between heavy drinking and sex attacks.’
    • ‘They recently played tiny venues in Orkney, Ullapool, Skye, and Fort William where the crowd were very young, very excited by the idea of a famous band and very drunk on alcopops.’
    • ‘Police concerns are heightened by the fact that the alcohol seized has frequently consisted of not only beer and alcopops, but also bottles of strong spirits.’
    • ‘The development of alcopops and other drinks clearly designed to attract the young is one of its most unpleasant developments.’
    • ‘Donna, also 18, from East Didsbury is proud to admit she loves drinking alcopops.’
    • ‘Why do we allow alcopops and alcohol iceblocks to be targeted at our young?’