Meaning of alcornoque in English:


Pronunciation /ˌalkɔːˈnəʊki/


(also alconorque)
  • 1Any of various tropical American shrubs or trees yielding a medicinal bark; especially Bowdichia virgilioides (family Fabaceae (Leguminosae)), used also for timber. Also: the bark of these trees or a medicinal preparation made from it (and other parts of the tree), supposed to act as an anti-inflammatory, or the timber itself.

  • 2 rare The cork oak, Quercus suber. Also: the bark of this, formerly used in tanning and occasionally medicinally.


Early 19th century. From Spanish alcornoque, †alconorque cork oak, bark of the cork oak, in American Spanish also denoting various trees yielding a similar product, as well as their bark from an unattested Spanish Arabic form from Arabic al the + an unattested post-classical Latin form *quernoccus from post-classical Latin quernus oak (use as noun of classical Latin quernus, adjective; compare classical Latin quercus oak) + an unattested post-classical Latin suffix *-occus, forming nouns with pejorative connotation (goes to Spanish -ueco, suffix forming nouns with pejorative connotation).