Meaning of aldermanship in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːldəmənʃɪp/


See alderman

‘Cripling received no support whatever from his brethren, who in the subsequent March agreed not only to deprive him of his aldermanship but also to disfranchise him.’
  • ‘Four councillors of the Overstrand Municipality were awarded aldermanship at a special council meeting last night in terms of the criteria that was adopted at the end of June.’
  • ‘In the meantime, Gonzalez is hoping to break down the mystique of the Ward One aldermanship by organizing focus groups of students with similar concerns.’
  • ‘For many years he has taken part in the councils of the town as a representative of No.1 Ward, and he was last year elevated to the dignity of aldermanship.’
  • ‘He was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1865, and has been a number of times called upon to accept the representation of Chateauguay in Parliament, and the aldermanship of influential wards in Montreal, but has refused to touch politics or civic honors.’