Meaning of aldol in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaldɒl/


mass nounChemistry
  • A viscous liquid obtained when acetaldehyde dimerizes in dilute alkali or acid.

    Chemical formula: CH₃CH(OH)CH₂CHO

    ‘The simplest aldol - CH 3 CHOHCH 2 CHO - is produced from ethanal.’
    • ‘The most useful mixed Aldols are those where only one reactent can form an enolate.’
    • ‘Aldols are bifunctional molecules possessing OH and C=O groups, which are able to act as both hydrogen donors and/or acceptors.’
    • ‘The structures of cycloalkanone-based threo and erythro aldols were investigated by systematic introduction of stereo-determining factors.’
    • ‘Several epoxy ketones were converted to aldols in good yields upon irradiation.’


Late 19th century from al(dehyde)+ -ol.