Meaning of alembicated in English:


Pronunciation /əˈlɛmbɪkeɪtɪd/


  • (of an idea, expression, or style) excessively subtle or refined.

    ‘The most highly alembicated and sophisticated work of art, arising in complex civilizations.’
    • ‘The prose style of Boccaccio is not a simple style—rather it is curious and alembicated.’
    • ‘The twins enjoyed confusing the Neophyte with their cryptic words and alembicated rhetoric.’
    • ‘Astounding, enchanting, alembicated, and dramatic, the Chopin studies are exemplary essays in emotion and manner.’
    • ‘This ingenious man, however metaphysical and alembicated he may be in his writings, was of great simplicity in his character and conversation.’
    affected, over-refined, artificial, studied, pretentious, chi-chi, flowery, mannered, contrived, effete


Late 18th century from alembic + the adjectival suffix -ated.