Meaning of Aleppo pepper in English:

Aleppo pepper


mass noun
  • A moderately hot-tasting powdered spice made from the dried fruits of a variety of capsicum, used especially in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.

    ‘this roast gets a double dose of sweet, mildly spicy Aleppo pepper’
    • ‘Her first submission was pumpkin soup with her new favorite spice - Aleppo pepper.’
    • ‘I could imagine arguing over the sea scallops and diced fried potatoes bathed in warm olive oil and spicy Aleppo pepper.’
    • ‘Use a small whisk to incorporate the brown sugar, garlic, and Aleppo pepper.’
    • ‘Crushed red pepper flakes will do in a pinch, but we prefer the the subtle, slightly sweet spiciness of the Aleppo pepper.’
    • ‘I did a little research and debated using Aleppo pepper, to be more authentic.’