Meaning of Alf in English:


Pronunciation /alf/

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informal Australian
  • An uneducated and unthinkingly conservative Australian man.

    • ‘only an Alf could be indifferent to the destruction of yet another theatre’
    • ‘There's not an Alf in sight.’
    • ‘He savaged suburbia as a wasteland of consumerism and conformity, peopled with 'Alfs'.’
    • ‘The racism and bigotry of 'Alfs', they thought, were a product of suburban consumerism and conformity.’
    • ‘Ray is a hustler and an Alf.’
    • ‘This is the best time to discover which of your friends are secretly Alfs.’
    • ‘He is not only an Alf but a colonial to boot.’


1960s abbreviation of the given name Alfred.