Meaning of algal bloom in English:

algal bloom

Pronunciation /ˈalɡl ˌbluːm/


  • A rapid growth of microscopic algae or cyanobacteria in water, often resulting in a coloured scum on the surface.

    ‘That could reduce the invertebrates' predation on algae at the surface, potentially leading to algal blooms and poor water quality.’
    • ‘Blue-green algal bloom forms on the surface of water when there are high levels of nutrients present, combined with warm, sunny and calm conditions.’
    • ‘He says this leads to algal blooms and massive seaweed growth, which ends up on the beach, attracting flies.’
    • ‘It is almost impossible to fish the Lancaster Canal between The Bridges due to a surface algal bloom and weed.’
    • ‘This subsequently causes the growth of algal blooms, which remove oxygen.’