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Pronunciation /ˈeɪlɪəs/

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  • Used to indicate that a named person is also known or more familiar under another specified name.

    ‘Eric Blair, alias George Orwell’
    • ‘Shaun Hutson, alias The Godfather of Gore, made his name as a horror writer with novels like Slugs, Spawn and Relics.’
    • ‘Jason Durr, alias PC Mike Bradley, joined other cast members, producers and writers at Betty's to toast ten successful years creating the 1960s village of Aidensfield in the heart of North Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Initially, Suwondo, alias An Peng Sui, was detained at the city police detention house but was later moved to the jail.’
    • ‘Detective Inspector Jack Frost, alias much-loved actor David Jason, was spotted by our photographers at the Yorkshire Air Museum, at Elvington, near York, as he went on the trail of yet another case.’
    • ‘After carving a niche in the tinsel world, Ananth Nagarkatti and M.H.Amarnath, alias Ambarish, entered politics and tried their luck in the new domain.’
    • ‘But he was not so lucky on January 7, 1982, when Martin Cahill, alias The General, put a bomb under his car.’
    • ‘His most successful role to date has been that of Thermoman - alias mild-mannered shopkeeper, George Sunday - in My Hero.’
    • ‘Ms Windsor gave the Queen a tour of the Elstree studios while Wendy Richard, alias downtrodden Pauline Fowler, escorted the Duke of Edinburgh.’
    • ‘It's the second Rubens to be recovered since the 1986 robbery by Martin Cahill, alias The General.’
    • ‘WHEN I first met Allan Bloom, alias the Ravelstein of this book, there were two armed guards outside his Chicago flat.’
    • ‘Vera Duckworth, alias Leeds-born Liz Dawn, booked a day off from serving chips at Roy's Rolls to become Peggy Lee.’
    • ‘One of them, David alias A Miauw, was detained, but later released on bail.’
    • ‘Bolton comic Martin Davies, alias The Mighty Swob, has been recruited as narrator.’
    • ‘Yang Wan-hsuan, alias Lao Tai, was arrested on Tuesday in the northern province of Chiang Rai and will be sent to face trial in the US.’
    • ‘Weir said the chief superintendent was fully aware of his activities with sectarian killers such as the late Robin Jackson, alias The Jackal, one of the most notorious loyalist killers of the 1970s.’
    • ‘He, along with another friend, Amandeep Singh, alias Lovely, identified Gurmeet Singh Pinky from amongst the assailants.’
    • ‘Eddy Setiyono alias Abbas alias Usman, another defendant in the same case, is being tried separately and a verdict is due next week.’
    • ‘Forty-two-year old Mrinal alias Plabon alias Dhan is dreaded militant.’
    • ‘Noralwizah's sister Ai Lin, alias Norfadilah Lee, is married to Dandand Surman, alias Abu Yusof, another member who is on the run.’
    • ‘The police chief said Rois was arrested Nov.5 in the West Java town Bogor along with Hasan, alias Purnomo, Syaiful Bahri, alias Apuy, and Anshori, alias Sogir.’
    also known as, aka, also called, otherwise known as, otherwise
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  • 1A false or assumed identity.

    ‘a spy operating under the alias Barsad’
    • ‘He held a United States passport and a South Carolina state identity card under the alias.’
    • ‘The use of aliases and false identity documents represents only the simplest of measures and could be described as a reactive or defensive action.’
    • ‘Vickery has done little to suggest he is the same man who once terrorised the fields of world rugby under the alias of Raging Bull.’
    • ‘After a few failed attempts to communicate over a cell phone while in transit, I tracked George down at his hotel room in Nashville, where he was staying under the alias of Ralph Mouf.’
    • ‘Ivan and Sam Raimi (under the alias Celia Abrams) made this, one of the funniest movies ever.’
    • ‘Sykes had been living there under the alias Robert James Grant for more than three years.’
    • ‘He was buried in the Old Church at Middleburg in August 1660 under the alias George Sanders.’
    • ‘The sources said Kim Song Chol frequently visited Japan from the late 1980s to early 1990s under the alias Ri Song Chol.’
    • ‘They discussed their plan to blow up Parliament House, and shortly afterwards leased a small house in the heart of Westminster, installing Fawkes as caretaker, under the alias of John Johnson.’
    • ‘Writing under the alias John MacUre, he created a highly contentious picture of the life of junior doctors, which attracted praise from the junior ranks of the medical professional for its accuracy.’
    • ‘In 1999, however, police located and arrested Kathleen Soliah in Minnesota, where she had been living under the alias Sara Jane Olson.’
    • ‘I got a part time job as a waitress, under the alias Kelly Irl.’
    • ‘He masqueraded as the gardener and cook, under the alias of David Motsamayi.’
    • ‘Anyway, I was saying that once we leave here we are going to assume aliases.’
    • ‘His passport is in the name of Alex Huntley (his mother's maiden name), the same as an alias used by Richard Tomlinson, a former MI6 agent.’
    • ‘The FBI was convinced that he was ‘Derek Bond’, the alias used by Derek Lloyd Sykes, who was on its Most Wanted list on serious charges involving massive money laundering.’
    • ‘Lorraina lied. ‘Yolanda Feffanhaaser’ was an alias she used from time to time when she didn't want to give some one her real name.’
    • ‘There were five different passports that each had a different alias he used whenever he traveled abroad.’
    • ‘Special Branch later established that McMahon was actually an alias used by Dublin born Jerome Bannigan.’
    assumed name, false name, pseudonym, sobriquet, incognito, nickname
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    1. 1.1Computing An alternative name or label that refers to a file, command, address, or other item, and can be used to locate or access it.
      ‘This file contains a map of e-mail aliases to user names.’
      • ‘Included attributes are e-mail addresses and aliases, special folders and signature preferences for Webmail.’
      • ‘Note the addition of more command aliases and number registers in this more practical example.’
      • ‘This cooperation is configured in the alias file of the mail transfer agent.’
      • ‘The alias default refers to the first sound device and is used in all of the examples in this article.’
  • 2Physics Telecommunications
    Each of a set of signal frequencies which, when sampled at a given uniform rate, would give the same set of sampled values, and thus might be incorrectly substituted for one another when reconstructing the original signal.

    ‘These can be easily worked out from the GPS receiver's frequency plan, taking into account all the images and aliases possible.’
    • ‘The following rules allow the alias frequency fa to be calculated.’
    • ‘If the reconstructed image differs from the original image, we are seeing an alias.’
    • ‘This unwanted signal is known as an image or alias of the desired signal.’
    • ‘You need to put in the low-frequency alias but view it on the faster timebase.’


[with object]Physics Telecommunications
  • Misidentify (a signal frequency), introducing distortion or error.

    ‘fringes at higher spatial frequency are aliased by the sensor’
    • ‘The EM signal is aliased according to the aliasing signal to down-convert the EM signal.’
    • ‘The power lines are very aliased in the distance, this will probably be fixed by changing the draw distance in order to render more detail at a distance.’
    • ‘I detected no aliasing, shimmering, pixelization, or other nasty transfer errors to mar the presentation.’


Late Middle English from Latin, ‘at another time, otherwise’.