Meaning of alienee in English:


Pronunciation /ˌeɪlɪəˈniː/


old-fashioned term for grantee
‘Expenses on the maintenance of the alienator made by the alienee before the cancellation of the contract shall not be reimbursed.’
  • ‘In considering applications relating to alienations, the Maori Land Court must be satisfied that the preferred class of alienees has been granted an opportunity to exercise the first right of refusal.’
  • ‘The alienee of a person owning the property injured may commence an action for a continuance of the nuisance, and the alienee of the property causing the nuisance is responsible for a continuance of the same.’
  • ‘The preferred class of alienee comprises persons such as children of the block owners ’, and other beneficial owners of the land.’
  • ‘While the land remained Maori freehold land, the preferred class of alienees had a right of first refusal if it was to be alienated.’