Meaning of alienness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈeɪlɪənnɪs/


See alien

‘I've always been fascinated by the mix of alienness and similarity one finds in the leaders of countries like Iraq - really across what we used to call the Third World.’
  • ‘The film asks us to see our own planet as an alien planet, and to look again at the unconquerable alienness of other people, at the enigma of absence and presence, death and life.’
  • ‘My great interest in Anglo-Indian contact in that period was the profound alienness of each group in the eyes of the other.’
  • ‘He created a strong sense of the alienness of the Antarctic environment and the disorientation it produces.’
  • ‘Haywood stresses the alienness of these characters to the room to which the ‘action’ is confined.’