Meaning of alisphenoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˌalɪˈsfiːnɔɪd/


(also alisphenoid bone)
Anatomy Zoology
  • A winglike cartilaginous bone within a mammal's skull, forming part of the socket of the eye.

    ‘The outer wall of the braincase becomes the alisphenoid and the dermal skull bones.’
    • ‘As a reminder, the pterygoid is a dermal bone; and the alisphenoid is retreaded epipterygoid which traces its ultimate origin to the palatoquadrate and the gill arch series.’
    • ‘Posteromedial to the glenoid surface, the foramen ovale opens in the alisphenoid.’
    • ‘There is, however, an ectotympanic, and the pterygoids and alisphenoids are swollen, forming a sort of inflated bullae.’
    • ‘The bullae are sometimes not ossified, and when they are, they are formed largely by extensions from the alisphenoid.’


Mid 19th century from Latin ala ‘wing’ + sphenoid.