Meaning of alkalize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈalkəlʌɪz/


(also British alkalise)
[with object]
  • Treat with alkali.

    ‘some workers find it unnecessary to alkalize samples’
    • ‘Malate alkalizes xylem sap to a greater extent than nitrate.’
    • ‘Alkalaemia suppresses renal ammoniagenesis, but the hydrolysis of urea by bacteria liberates ammonia that alkalises urine.’
    • ‘The decrease is minimal with lightly alkalized cocoa powder, but with strongly alkalized powder, the gel strength is significantly reduced.’
    • ‘The results indicate some horses have been administered alkalizing substances in excessive amounts.’
    • ‘Ellis Park will become the third racetrack to test entrants for alkalizing agents or ‘milkshakes’ when it opens its summer meeting on July 13.’
    • ‘The CHRB also approved a rule relating to tests for alkalizing agents, or milkshakes, that adds a split-sample provision for the protection of horsemen.’
    • ‘This means adding live enzymes to the diet rather than depleting them from the liver and alkalizing the body.’
    • ‘It alkalizes the body and gives you loads of potassium.’
    • ‘‘Utilizing alkalized cocoa provides Forbes' powder with a rich, dark color and flavor, critical to getting a premium powder for premium applications,’ he says.’
    • ‘‘Sometimes a more highly alkalized powder like cocoa powder is used to produce a more intense dark chocolate flavor,’ says Freeman.’
    • ‘Within the chocolate line, Ritenburg says, ‘there seems to be a move towards a more premium flavor, so we might use a finer quality Dutch or alkalized cocoa.’’
    • ‘Supergreens work to alkalise the body: you take them in water, and they taste just the right side of strange.’
    • ‘When you start taking coral calcium, your body alkalizes and drives out the acid.’
    • ‘‘The lightly alkalized and natural cocoa powders are also the more affordable powders,’ says Stunek.’
    • ‘An alkalizing substance that could alter serum or plasma pH, or concentration of bicarbonates, or carbon dioxide may not be given within 24 hours prior to post time of a race in which the horse is entered.’
    • ‘The state of California will publish on Friday a proposed regulation that would ban the administration of alkalizing agents to racehorses, a practice known as milkshaking.’
    • ‘Red Clover has an alkalizing affect, which is very beneficial in balancing the overly acidic conditions from a modern diet.’
    • ‘Generally, the chocolate milks for children use the mid-range alkalized cocoa powders with a more mild taste, while products targeted to adults use the stronger flavors imparted by higher alkalization.’
    • ‘Natural and/or alkalized cocoa powders influence dairy beverage formulations in different ways.’
    • ‘Rich, indulgent ice creams often utilize an alkalized cocoa powder while other less-intense chocolate ice creams may use a non-alkalized version.’