Meaning of alkene in English:


Pronunciation /ˈalkiːn/


  • Any of the series of unsaturated hydrocarbons containing a double bond, including ethylene and propene.

    Alkenes have the general formula: CnH₂n

    ‘Epoxidation, the conversion of an olefin (an unsaturated alkene hydrocarbon) to a cyclic ether through reaction with hydrogen peroxide, a peracid, or oxygen, is an important chemical technique.’
    • ‘Among the 4800 constituents of tobacco smoke, researchers have identified more than 100 alkanes, 150 alkenes and 55 alicyclic hydrocarbons.’
    • ‘The functional group of an alkene is its carbon-carbon double bond.’
    • ‘By careful use of appropriate conditions and catalysts alkanes can be converted into other hydrocarbons such as the alkenes and alkynes.’
    • ‘This is one of the most common ways of synthesizing alkenes, double-bonded hydrocarbons.’


Late 19th century from alkyl+ -ene.