Meaning of alkyl in English:


Pronunciation /ˈalkʌɪl/ /ˈalkɪl/


as modifier
  • Of or denoting a hydrocarbon radical derived from an alkane by removal of a hydrogen atom.

    ‘alkyl halides’
    • ‘The ethyl group has a greater molecular weight than the smallest alkyl radical which is the methyl group.’
    • ‘As the size of the alkyl group increases, i.e. as the number of carbon atoms increases, the water solubility decreases.’
    • ‘Subsequently, alkyl hydroperoxides may initiate radical chain reactions and cause membrane destruction.’
    • ‘This produces the second electrophile, the positively charged alkyl group.’
    • ‘In common with other alkyl groups, both forms of the propyl group modify the behavior of a functional group.’


Late 19th century German, from Alkohol ‘alcohol’ + -yl.