Meaning of all-absorbing in English:



  • Taking up all one's attention.

    ‘an all-absorbing interest in one subject’
    • ‘an all-absorbing cause’
    • ‘Once you're on the court doing something, it's all-absorbing, you don't notice anything.’
    • ‘The all-absorbing urge for knowledge is one of the thinking person's deepest needs.’
    • ‘The region, and its turbulent history, became an all-absorbing interest for Simpson.’
    • ‘Up to now my job as a newspaper reporter had been the all-absorbing passion of my life.’
    • ‘I was almost close enough to jump the security fence, and the atmosphere became all-absorbing.’
    • ‘In fact, Mark's passion has become so all-absorbing, he has now built a business around it.’
    • ‘Often no anatomical or pathological cause can be found, and the condition becomes all-absorbing and is characterized by a state of alienation from ordinary everyday life.’
    • ‘His research and the writing up of cases was all-absorbing but he did find some relaxation in the company of Elizabeth Follett, sister of Sir William Webb Follett.’
    • ‘Most boys early develop an all-absorbing ambition.’
    • ‘He closed by emphasizing it as the one, single, all-absorbing, daily aim to glorify God in a complete surrender to His will and service.’
    • ‘It was a working partnership and it was all-absorbing.’
    • ‘He feared that the all-absorbing game of profit-making had a tendency to crowd out public and patriotic activity.’
    • ‘Drug use is not necessarily an all-absorbing activity among illicit drug users.’
    • ‘The Devil and Miss Prym, another all-absorbing classic, is nonetheless an example of work that relies a little too heavily on that grim tug at the heartstrings.’
    • ‘It is all-absorbing and takes up a vast amount of their lives.’
    • ‘My work is all-absorbing.’
    • ‘After discussing the then all-absorbing Reform question, they proposed to call at the Three Tuns, in the Borough, near to which tavern they had now arrived, to have some gin-and-water.’
    • ‘Suddenly, at the beginning of 1945, Artaud began to draw in such an all-absorbing way that it appeared to Ferdière that a crucial shift in his behavior had taken place.’
    • ‘At this period, he was but a youth; and it is not to be supposed, that he engaged in the business of instruction, and prosecuted it with that all-absorbing interest and determination of purpose, which distinguished his ministerial career.’
    • ‘In Simla the burning questions are polo finals, racing and the all-absorbing tennis tournaments.’
    thorough, in-depth, concentrated, rigorous, exhaustive, all-out, concerted, thoroughgoing