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  • Including or covering everything or everyone; comprehensive.

    ‘an all-encompassing package to combat global warming’
    • ‘For Hayes, the garden has become an all-encompassing metaphor for a life of plenitude.’
    • ‘The roof of the Hotel Pennsylvania afforded an all-encompassing view of the site.’
    • ‘A claustrophobic, all-encompassing atmosphere of utter darkness takes over the poem.’
    • ‘This act precipitated a war between the families that escalated over time into all-encompassing civil discord in Tuscany.’
    • ‘From the time I was cognizant, until my early twenties, football was an all-encompassing part of my life.’
    • ‘Jack Ford, as he now became, spent the next three years in a rigorous, all-encompassing apprenticeship under his brother.’
    • ‘She treads the fine line between cutting-edge verve and all-encompassing appeal, embracing pop and rock while retaining her R & B roots.’
    • ‘Music is a more than an auditory sensation: it is a thoroughly and all-encompassing physical experience.’
    • ‘While a romantic comedy doesn't need all-encompassing idealism, this one fights any hint of it.’
    • ‘Even though he focuses almost totally on the insects, one gleans bits of personal information that elucidate his all-encompassing endeavors, bordering on mania.’
    • ‘These two works made brilliant use of technology, demonstrating digital art's potential to create all-encompassing environments, simultaneously visceral and conceptual.’
    • ‘While India does have patent law, it's not nearly as complex as US patent law and likely not as all-encompassing.’
    • ‘What is most compelling is the way Salles establishes the all-encompassing bond that mother and daughter share, which becomes immediately apparent.’
    • ‘Death becomes the all-encompassing horizon that organizes the experience of time and generates all the efforts to overcome time.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the themes are all-encompassing, taking in love, lust, grime, hedonism and exultation, as well as the usual dirty grind.’
    • ‘The sets here are as lavish, the stage action as imaginative, the sound as vivid and balanced, the camera work as all-encompassing as one could wish for in any production.’
    • ‘In theory, cultural studies is all-encompassing: Shakespeare and rap music, high culture and low, culture of the past and culture of the present.’
    • ‘The collection is so vast it can only be summed up as an all-encompassing history of Native Americans contained under a single roof.’
    • ‘It's up to you to not let minor annoyances become all-encompassing drama.’
    • ‘The chapters are surprisingly short and snappy, without the ambition or all-encompassing portraits we've come to expect.’
    comprehensive, all-inclusive, complete, full, full-scale, all-embracing, all-encompassing, encyclopedic, thorough, in-depth, thoroughgoing, extensive, intensive, all-out, profound, far-reaching, sweeping, umbrella



/ɔːlɪnˈkʌmpəsɪŋ/ /ɔːlɛn-/