Meaning of all-in in English:




  • Inclusive of everything.

    ‘an all-in fee’
    • ‘Admission to Sunday's events including the evening performance will have an all-in cost of £15.’
    • ‘So for an all-in cost of £7.35, two satisfied customers left noting that there was good wheelchair access.’
    • ‘The draw is at the Bay Horse in Tadcaster at 8.30 am with tickets costing £15 all-in.’
    • ‘An expert fitting service is also provided in the all-in cost.’
    • ‘The all-in cost of meal and show is €30 or if you just want to go along for the music the charge is €10, payable at the door.’
    • ‘For an all-in fee I can insure my car and get breakdown cover at the same time for both the UK an Europe.’
    • ‘Shopping around is the key to obtaining the best car loan rates and all-in cost.’
    • ‘Many insurers provide all-in insurance packages for self-builders and premiums are about €3,000 for an average-sized project.’
    • ‘People like the all-in price - it means they know where they stand.’
    • ‘We were losing money and we took the decision to do an all-in drinks promotion.’
    • ‘It's hard to beat the value of an all-in dive package from a tour operator, but if you are looking for total flexibility, arranging independent holidays is becoming increasingly easy.’
    • ‘The substitute prop had not long been on the field when he was sent off by the referee for his part in an all-in brawl that spilled over onto the running track beside the Huntington Stadium pitch.’
    • ‘The second was a roller-coaster ride in which the opening stages were a gentle trundle followed by an all-in death slide as the game reached a dramatic and totally unexpected denouement.’
    • ‘The new-look hostel will replace the all-in dorms with 34 beds in smaller individual bedrooms that could be occupied privately by couples or families.’
    • ‘It was a signal for the game's first all-in brawl.’
    • ‘Guests pay an all-in sum, and can then treat the place like home.’
    • ‘The festival will be rounded off on Sunday with a free and easy all-in open session.’
    • ‘Hot food, usually an all-in stew, might be brought up in insulated ‘hay boxes’ after dark, and both sides often enjoyed cooked breakfast, frying tinned bacon or sausages in front-line trenches.’
    • ‘And yet, how unexpected, how unpredictable, that portrait of the rebel against the all-in performance culture seems when we look at it now.’
    all-in, all-inclusive, with everything included, comprehensive, in toto