Meaning of all-male in English:



  • Consisting of or intended for men only.

    ‘an all-male audience’
    • ‘an all-male event’
    • ‘Her part as the only woman in an otherwise all-male news team is mirrored by her being the only significant female in the cast.’
    • ‘Asked about it at the time, Fay said he couldn't justify the club's all-male membership policy to his two daughters.’
    • ‘In 1997 the Vienna Philharmonic, the last bastion of all-male orchestral playing, capitulated to outside pressure and granted membership to their female harpist.’
    • ‘Living their waking hours in an all-male community, they remained schoolboys at heart and in mind.’
    • ‘I have an all-male dance company and that seems to be the focus of press surrounding the company.’
    • ‘The all-male line-up is two countertenors, one tenor, two baritones, and one bass.’
    • ‘The prisoner-of-war drama The Colditz Story (1955), Hamilton's most commercially successful film from the 1950s, featured an all-male cast and, for all its Boy's Own heroics, offered a nuanced presentation of the intricacies of male camaraderie.’
    • ‘Swiss women were given the vote by an all-male referendum only in 1971.’
    • ‘Boyd doesn't believe women have a harder time winning an audience over - "If you're funny, you're funny" - but she acknowledges the pressure of being the only woman on an otherwise all-male line-up.’
    • ‘Have all the women in the office gone out for lunch, or is this an all-male firm?’
    • ‘Wales is famous for its all-male choirs, which have evolved from the religious choral tradition.’