Meaning of all-night in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɔːlˈnʌɪt/

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  • Lasting, open, or operating throughout the night.

    ‘an all-night party’
    • ‘The only wandering souls about were the kind of lost souls you get in all-night supermarkets any night of the year.’
    • ‘My friends got old too, and now when we have a rare night of all-night revelry, we pay for it for about a week afterwards.’
    • ‘Astor and five others had hired disused factory buildings for a night and laid on all-night musical events.’
    • ‘Every so often, without apparent rhyme or reason, huge areas of my lawn are ripped to shreds, as if a colony of badgers has been holding an all-night party on it.’
    • ‘Many of us younger ravers missed out on the joyousness of the all-night party scene.’
    • ‘We remember when Leeds University students had an all-night party and it was horrendous.’
    • ‘A burglar broke into a home, let his friends in and then held an all-night party.’
    • ‘Part of me felt that an all-night party for not-even-two-year-olds was really rushing things.’
    • ‘He'd have all-night sittings, which meant he'd miss a whole night's sleep once a month.’
    • ‘So prepare for an all-night vigil as there will also be a post-Palace party down at the Warehouse that will run you until dawn.’
    • ‘The hallway was quiet at this time of night, and Tesha was glad that there was an all-night grocery store not too far away.’
    • ‘That night, the Wild Hearts were having an all-night movie extravaganza at the church.’
    • ‘He engaged in all-night poker games in boardinghouse rooms throughout the city.’
    • ‘Prine's slice of Americana is all carved out with his songs about dead-end jobs, all-night cafés and prisons.’
    • ‘The next year, I was again at Glastonbury, this time reporting for a dance music magazine on the all-night raves that had sprung up around the event.’
    • ‘I've made a couple of gaffes with experiments in all-night bleaching lately.’
    • ‘There was a time when 15,000 people would assemble for an all-night performance.’
    • ‘Cots and blankets have been sent into the Senate in preparation for an all-night debate.’
    • ‘Two all-night vigils by the TV fail to yield the new Nic Cage advert.’
    • ‘Then, just the other side of Melton Mowbray, I stopped at an all-night petrol station to buy a sandwich and top up my phone card.’