Meaning of all-present in English:


Pronunciation /ɔːlˈprɛz(ə)nt/


  • Existing or occurring everywhere.

    ‘the all-present Spirit’
    • ‘An all-present publicity attends our steps.’
    • ‘Could there be a more cogent statement of the all-present, all-powerful nature of God?’
    • ‘How the horror of these times has influenced us, that we accept with indifference the all-present terror which we would have never been able to imagine!’
    • ‘David understood that God is all-present, and he could never escape the divine presence.’
    • ‘The influence of television can be used as an all-present and near imperceptible tool to jeopardize a government’s official and well-established political narrative.’
    present everywhere, ubiquitous, general, universal, worldwide, global, all-pervasive, all-present, infinite, boundless