Meaning of all-up in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɔːlˈʌp/


  • 1Chiefly in "all-up weight". Designating the total weight of an aircraft or mass of a spacecraft in flight, including crew, passengers, fuel, and cargo.

  • 2Designating the total weight of any machine, vehicle, structure, etc.

  • 3Games
    Designating a system of betting or series of bets in which the stake and winnings accruing from each bet won are placed on the next bet.

  • 4Designating the total cost of a product, enterprise, etc., or the total of some payment or expenditure; overall.

  • 5British Of a postal service: with all items sent by air, but with no special fee charged for this.


  • An all-up weight. Also (originally and chiefly Australian): an all-up cost, payment, or expenditure.


1920s. From all [noun] + up.