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all-up weight

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mainly British
  • The total weight of an aircraft with passengers, cargo, and fuel.

    ‘In its final design concept, the D.H.106 was projected to carry 36 passengers with an all-up weight of 93,000 pounds.’
    • ‘The Bobcat, because of its weight and the need to lighten the all-up weight of the helicopter by the consumption of fuel, was to be the final lift.’
    • ‘Early testing cleared the Seafire 47 at an all-up weight of 11,100 lb but for takeoff it could weigh as much as 12,900-lb.’
    • ‘The mobility of an armoured vehicle is directly related to its all-up weight, itself a function of armament, ammunition, engine, and fuel, and the degree of protection provided.’
    • ‘‘Such vehicles have an all-up weight limit of 80,000 pounds,’ Moulton confides.’
    • ‘If the gun is to be well protected in an unmanned turret, the presented frontal area of the vehicle and, therefore, its all-up weight, will still remain substantial.’
    • ‘The current prototype weighs about 5kg but the team hopes to cut that to a single gram in the future to allow a micro-UAV with an all-up weight of just 200g.’
    • ‘The good stock design and soft recoil pad, along with an all-up weight of around 8 pounds, kept recoil tolerable.’
    • ‘Plans called for a Marquardt ramjet to power Rigel, whose all-up weight was 19,000 pounds with booster.’
    • ‘Certainly an Islander will operate into a 500-meter strip, but not at maximum all-up weight.’