Meaning of all-wise in English:


Pronunciation /ɔːlˈwʌɪz/


  • Knowing everything.

    ‘an all-wise, omnipotent creator’
    • ‘No one pretends that our democracy is perfect or all-wise.’
    • ‘Sometimes devotion is misunderstood as placing oneself in a dependent position and regarding the teacher as an all-wise parental figure.’
    • ‘Cult members stress their sameness, unity, and unquestioned obedience to their all-wise, divine or at least superhuman leader.’
    • ‘It seems odd that human beings - many of whom proclaim faith in an all-wise, omnipotent creator - would presume to improve upon His handiwork.’
    • ‘Grant us the grace to be true daughters and sons of your all-loving, all-merciful, all-wise Self.’
    • ‘If a supernatural, personal, all-wise Creator is required to explain the beginning of life, all the questions and answers change.’
    • ‘These previously faceless servants of their university community now had their faces plastered everywhere where their university was seeking promotion or acknowledging its achievement, as if the achievement was somehow due to the benefice of the all-wise vice-chancellor.’
    • ‘He suggests that there is nothing chancy about the distribution of the matter in the universe, and that an all-wise mathematician could deduce this too from a few postulates.’
    • ‘Would an all-wise God establish a church and give no idea how it was to be governed?’
    • ‘In virtually every area in economics, it seemed to turn out, chaos and misery were shown to be bound to ensue unless market forces are curbed, redirected or superseded by the firm, benevolent hand of an all-wise government.’
    • ‘He wishes, apparently, for an all-wise, quasi-divine woman, a woman who would provide a combination of spiritual guidance, moral example, and human love.’
    • ‘He was a deeply religious man throughout his life, who believed that subordination to an all-powerful and all-wise God gave strength to bear any problems.’
    • ‘Instead of an all-wise, benevolent, purposeful God, what you have are organisms struggling for personal advantage.’
    • ‘Is there evidence that life was formed by aloving and all-wise Creator and did not just evolve?’
    • ‘In the late republic oratory had flourished amid virtual anarchy; now, under a benevolent and all-wise ruler, great oratory was no longer needed.’
    all-knowing, all-wise, all-seeing