Meaning of all along in English:

all along

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  • All the time; from the beginning.

    ‘she'd known all along’
    • ‘It's there, maybe it was even there all along because it's so hard to find.’
    • ‘I think it goes to show that, perhaps, just perhaps, Bridget was right all along.’
    • ‘And then I got two or three more people to explain it to me and it turns out I understood it all along.’
    • ‘Luckily for Honey, her ticket to fame and fortune has been lurking at her club all along.’
    • ‘It wants to pretend that it has the answers, and has known them all along.’
    • ‘But he says that all along there was evidence to prove the booking was legitimate.’
    • ‘Then we took mom out for dinner and pretended that we had remembered her birthday all along.’
    • ‘This might not be so surprising; maybe it is what the supermarket critics wanted all along.’
    • ‘The concern all along was that the team would not be able to match the other physically.’
    • ‘Jonah just smiled, and I got the distinct impression he'd been planning this all along.’
    • ‘As we said all along, it is the intervention, it is the appropriate mediation.’
    • ‘She then sighed the sigh of a defeated woman before telling me what i'd wanted all along.’
    • ‘He made some statements that are pure gold, and it is stuff that we have been saying all along.’
    • ‘Even Samantha wanted true love in the end: it turned out that she'd been scared of it all along.’
    • ‘He might be lost in the thickets of the English language; they knew all along that money talks.’
    • ‘Rather, you sense the witches' tidings confirm something he has suspected all along.’
    • ‘Katz also said he knew all along that the letter-writing project could backfire.’
    • ‘They knew all along how big and important this day was for them and for us who were part of the college.’
    • ‘Perhaps part of the attraction had all along been that he wasn't available as a husband, and so as king.’
    • ‘The urge to prove that they have been right all along is so much greater than the need to adapt to new circumstances.’