Meaning of all eyes are on — in English:

all eyes are on —


  • Used to convey that a particular person or thing is currently the focus of public interest.

    ‘over the next few weeks all eyes will be on the pound’
    • ‘Goals are vital and strikers like her are the premium currency, with all eyes focused on them after a successful foray.’
    • ‘Mirwaiz said all eyes are now focused on the unity moves and people are keenly watching the developments.’
    • ‘Dinner in the St. Petersburg Hotel's large restaurant came to a halt as all eyes focused on the television.’
    • ‘He looked at the group of people sitting down and soon all eyes were focused on the ground.’
    • ‘As the lights go up on this performance all eyes are focused on how the main players have aged.’
    • ‘The next few weeks and months will be interesting as all eyes will be on the Irish.’
    • ‘Now, he's in the final again and no matter what the semi-final scores say, all eyes are on the Ashanti.’
    • ‘My wife, mortified, tried to square her shoulders as all eyes dropped to her chest.’
    • ‘Whatever the explanation, we can see that all eyes are on Clooney.’
    • ‘Eventually a young woman, all eyes on her, reaches into her bag, mortified.’