Meaning of all hail in English:

all hail


archaic, humorous
  • A cry of greeting.

    ‘all hail the new kids on the block’
    • ‘In any case, all hail Muschamp for mixing up the most delightful collection of names in a single piece about a really wonderful building that adds to the measure of happiness in lower Manhattan.’
    • ‘As everyone who's seen the show has said, the pure theatrics of the show - all hail Julie Taymor - are astonishing.’
    • ‘I have my headphones on; all hail iTunes radio, because the lady at the adjacent table is yelling into her cell phone.’
    • ‘Yes, all hail Chelsea, the well organized person.’
    • ‘But all hail to the few precious craftsmen firms that keep the city and the whole of North Yorkshire firmly rooted in a glorious past.’