Meaning of all is not lost in English:

all is not lost

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  • Used to suggest that there is still some chance of success or recovery.

    ‘I know things look grim, but all is not lost’
    • ‘Regardless of what the evidence might suggest, all is not lost.’
    • ‘However, in spite of the gloom, government sources yesterday suggested that perhaps all is not lost.’
    • ‘Well, it may be a mangled mess, but all is not lost.’
    • ‘Just to show that all is not lost as far as civility in Anglo-Saxon politics is concerned, let me tell a fourth story from much more recent times.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, all is not lost in this dismal scenario.’
    • ‘However, all is not lost for the field hockey team.’
    • ‘Fortunately all is not lost - on the landscape front at least.’
    • ‘But all is not lost for the pretty singer who is due to give birth today, there are already a number of top record companies knocking on her door.’
    • ‘Listening to this, made me feel that all is not lost yet.’
    • ‘On the musical side of the Carnival, all is not lost, though.’