Meaning of all kinds of in English:

all kinds of

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(also all sorts of)
  • Many different kinds of.

    ‘he gets into all kinds of trouble’
    • ‘When you get used to all sorts of different bits of kit attached to your body they lose their mystique.’
    • ‘I worked at Stockport for five years in all and worked on all sorts of different engines.’
    • ‘Stories from all kinds of different cultures have common threads running through them.’
    • ‘The gain is that all kinds of minorities with different views are now represented.’
    • ‘In our group there are people from all sorts of different political backgrounds.’
    • ‘The problem that the analysts have is that they have to please all sorts of different people.’
    • ‘If we had kept them we could have had towns laid out like our fields in all sorts of different shapes.’
    • ‘The internet is also a means for people to get music from all sorts of different sources.’
    • ‘It is possible to think of all sorts of offbeat things or things that would sound trite.’
    • ‘If you start chasing this team on a good night for them, you can end up in all sorts of trouble.’
    • ‘Bradford needs to develop a different, more positive image on all sorts of fronts.’
    • ‘We'll start having all sorts of trouble with you if you start thinking you're funny.’
    • ‘The foot is incredibly complex and all kinds of forces and loads pass through different parts.’
    • ‘It also means I can test out a different commenting system and try all kinds of fancy things.’
    • ‘The carmaker has filled its body with all kinds of cunningly developed foams and insulators.’
    • ‘So I did all sorts of crazy stuff and got myself into trouble on a regular basis.’
    • ‘Avoid all kinds of secret activity as you are likely to fall into trouble this week.’
    • ‘You could put all sorts of different genes in animals and do all sorts of damage.’
    • ‘There are all sorts of other cases in which the standard components of parenting can come apart.’
    • ‘It was only then that I noticed all sorts of little details which had evaded my notice earlier.’