Meaning of all manner of in English:

all manner of

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  • Many different kinds of.

    ‘echinacea is used by American Indians for all manner of ailments’
    • ‘The simple answer is to fill in the blanks with all manner of really important things to do.’
    • ‘Our society claims to be caring - yet unrestrained selfishness leads to all manner of evil.’
    • ‘As always in such cases, all manner of conspiracy theories immediately sprang up.’
    • ‘Even if I only travel to Blackpool I am harassed by all manner of insects that want to suck every last drop of blood out of me.’
    • ‘They are also a critical means of expanding the market reach for all manner of products in an economy.’
    • ‘The door is double-locked, with chains and bolts, because behind it lies all manner of secrets.’
    • ‘A conflict raged at the heart of Europe which posed all manner of seminal questions for the nature of humanity.’
    • ‘Nowadays, worshippers of all faiths can rely on all manner of electronic reminders.’
    • ‘They've come up with all manner of catchy slogans designed to tip the scales in their favour.’
    • ‘Living on the main road, I see this every day with all manner of vehicles whose drivers ignore the speed limit.’