Meaning of all of a tremble in English:

all of a tremble

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  • Extremely agitated or excited.

    • ‘‘I'm all of a tremble - I've gone all wishy-washy,’ said Mrs Pepper after the Prince had left.’
    • ‘I declare I was all of a tremble for fear Mr. Box should come in before Mr. Cox went out.’
    • ‘This coincidence threw the prophet almost into a frenzy, and the poor people were all of a tremble.’
    • ‘He could stand only half of it, nervously snapped off the switch, went to bed all of a tremble.’
    • ‘It wasn't funny to me, though; I was all of a tremble to see his danger.’
    • ‘I had to slam the door, and there I stood, all of a tremble, till I knew he had gone.’
    • ‘I held on by him, for he had set me all of a tremble with his notion of a sail in sight, and watched for the Long-boat again.’
    • ‘Somehow, I knowed it was Jesus, an’ right den I waked up all of a tremble, an’ knowed it was a warnin’ dat I mus’ foller de Lord.’
    • ‘My own brother, we grew up together; and I am all of a tremble, all of a tremble!’
    • ‘I came out all of a tremble, and began turning the spit.’