Meaning of all out in English:

all out

Pronunciation /ˌɔːlˈaʊt/

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  • Using all one's strength or resources.

    ‘going all out to win’
    • ‘an all-out effort’
    • ‘Now once again the President of the USA is making plans for an all out effort to put a man on Mars.’
    • ‘It is not like the Champions League format where you can go all out to win the game.’
    • ‘With the win vital to Rossendale, they went on all out attack to try for the much needed goal and the three points.’
    • ‘The speaker from east London, where they went all out and won, got a great reception.’
    • ‘Perhaps just as importantly, another company is also going all out to win the contract.’
    • ‘Expect the action to be fast and furious as the drivers go all out to win the Southern Championship on the day.’
    • ‘We will be going all out to win every game and we might surprise a few people.’
    • ‘In other words, when the Prime Minister is confident of victory he goes all out to ensure he wins.’
    • ‘Activists are now going all out to win the ballot for action over the next few weeks.’
    • ‘These two players both went close as College went all out for an equaliser.’
    • ‘The team will be all out to retain the title but they will know that champions can be beaten.’
    • ‘The newcomers will be going all out to claim the team championship in a special six-a-side event.’
    • ‘After a goalless first half, Ware went all out after the break to stifle Dorking's creativity.’
    • ‘Those involved are fully aware that they may not succeed in stopping an all out war.’
    • ‘It also creates the impression that the President is prepared to go all out to get his way at any cost.’
    • ‘We'll be going all out for victory, which would do wonders for the game in this part of the country.’
    • ‘The racecourse's new owners are going all out make their first meeting a memorable one.’
    • ‘The Galway side know only too well the task that lies ahead of them and they will be all out to upset the odds.’
    • ‘Ministers will be putting their differences behind them and going all out for victory.’
    • ‘If draws are removed, we will see better matches with teams playing all out attacking football.’
    strenuously, energetically, vigorously, hard, mightily, with all one's might, with all one's might and main, heartily, with vigour, with great effort, fiercely, intensely, eagerly, enthusiastically, industriously, diligently, assiduously, conscientiously, sedulously, with application, earnestly, with perseverance, persistently, indefatigably
    strenuous, energetic, vigorous, powerful, potent, forceful, forcible
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