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All Souls' Day

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  • A Catholic commemoration with prayers for the souls of the dead, held on 2 November.

    ‘Exhumations are usually scheduled for the Saturday before Pentecost, the Orthodox All Souls' Day.’
    • ‘In All Souls' Day, European Christians had a tradition of going from home to home, asking for soul cakes, or currant buns.’
    • ‘On All Souls' Day, people gather at the graves of family members for a twenty-four-hour vigil.’
    • ‘Many peasants believe that on All Souls' Day, those who died during the previous year are summoned before God and the Devil for judgment.’
    • ‘Most of the holidays in the islands and abroad occur during the months of May, June, and July, with some, such as the Feast of All Saints, and All Souls' Day, occurring in early November.’
    • ‘It is celebrated every year at the same time as Halloween and the Christian holy days of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.’
    • ‘By the tenth century A.D., the Catholic Church had added a new holiday, All Souls' Day.’
    • ‘If this is correct, Sohmer is also correct that the ghost appears before midnight, hence on All Souls' Day - the day when all dead souls are remembered.’
    • ‘I am now told that it originated in England when the poor would beg for food on All Souls' Day and beggars would receive special treats in exchange for prayers for the dead.’
    • ‘In the nineteenth century, celebrants of the cult of the dead paraded in their thousands to Père La Chaise on All Souls' Day.’
    • ‘It was decided to hold the service because All Souls' Day - a time when the Church remembers those who have died - is approaching.’
    • ‘That is why Polish All Souls' Day, although its origins are located far back in the time of pagan animism, received the blessing of the Church as a great ritual of intercession.’
    • ‘The cemetery became a labyrinth, as family and friends slowly filed between the graves and tombstones to visit their departed loved ones on All Souls' Day.’
    • ‘The eve of All Souls' Day is celebrated in many cultures and countries, but a lot of the customs surrounding this magical day have their origins in pagan Celtic customs.’