Meaning of all the way in English:

all the way


  • Without limit or reservation.

    • ‘I'm with you all the way’
    • ‘If the government decides that military action is the way to go, then I will back them all the way.’
    • ‘As long as our concerns are left outstanding we will fight this development all the way.’
    • ‘The married dad of two is dedicated to the school say colleagues, who back him all the way.’
    • ‘We need support from relatives behind us all the way if we are to push for extra money.’
    • ‘If this really were a matter of social freedom then I would back them all the way.’
    completely, totally, absolutely, entirely, wholly, fully, thoroughly, beyond, quite, altogether, one hundred per cent, downright, outright, unqualifiedly, in all respects, unconditionally, perfectly, implicitly, unrestrictedly, really, veritably, categorically, consummately, undisputedly, unmitigatedly, wholeheartedly, radically, stark, just, to the hilt, to the core, all the way, to the maximum extent, extremely, infinitely, unlimitedly, limitlessly, ultimately