Meaning of all too — in English:

all too —


  • Used to emphasize that something is the case to an extreme or unwelcome extent.

    ‘failures are all too common’
    • ‘Here is a story of our times - one which is all too common and all too regrettable.’
    • ‘Despite the change in the law regarding this action, this sight is still all too common.’
    • ‘Use of inappropriate methods for the analysis of cost data is all too common.’
    • ‘It's all too easy to get carried away at Christmas time - and spend the rest of the year paying for it.’
    • ‘He is all too aware that the season could have panned out very differently.’
    • ‘It was mayhem, fuelled by bar staff and a pub industry all too willing to serve drink after drink after drink.’
    • ‘Brief moments of brilliance gave the crowd room for cheer but it was all too fleeting.’
    • ‘As a nurse manager of a nursing home in Malton I am all too familiar with this disgraceful scenario.’
    • ‘Even so, bankers are all too aware of the notorious fragility of their sector.’
    • ‘Secondly, they may recall or understand all too well but deliberately dissemble.’